5M LED STRIPE Kit RGBW 2700K 24V 510LM/M 14,4W NANO IP

We have picked out the best and most in-demand qualities for LED strips in a super simple and user-friendly set.


We have picked out the best and most in-demand qualities for LED strips in a super simple and user-friendly set.

After years of experience with LED strips and feedback from our customers needs, we have simply designed our own LED Kit set - because choosing LED should be easy and not complicated.

This LED Kit set gives you:

  • Millions of color shades or warm white light with 2700 Kelvin
  • Plug & play: Plug it in and start using!
  • Quite simply! Only 3 parts. No extra control box
  • Full control: Control lights and colors easily with the remote control
  • Nano IP strip (IP68): Protected against water and dust by nanotechnology
  • Super flexible and low-buildt with only 2mm
  • Easy installation with a double-sided tape in the back


Full control of the colors

With RGBW you get a solution that gives you the opportunity to choose freely among millions of color shades. You can simply select the favorite color from the remote control and then adjust it until you are completely satisfied. In our solution we also use 2700 Kelvin as the light temperature for the white light. This is the same light temperature as from "ordinary" incandescent bulbs in contrast to other LED strips that use the term "warm white" for anything from 2700-3500 kelvin. This is the best all-in-one solution for you who want to change color shades that refelect your mood.

Easy to connect

We have made it even easier to connect the LED strip! This LED Kit set comes with only 3 parts: LED strips, driver and remote control. In comparison, it is common for RGB and RGBW sets to have an additional control module that is connected between the driver and the LED strip. With our LED Kit set you do not need that.

They are set up with quick connection so that you achieve an effortless connection. Plug & play, no screw connection.

Nano IP

Nanotechnology has been used to encapsulate the LED strip and protect it from water and dust. This is a thin layer that completely covers the strip and all the components. This is a completely new way of encapsulating LED lights and replaces traditional methods such as epoxy and silicone. The protection does not affect the light output, quality or the color temperature and in addition, it has a better heat distribution.


Technical information:

LED Strip LED Driver Remote Control
Color temperature RGB+2700K Input voltage 200-240V AC Signal RF
Voltage 24V DC Output voltage 24V DC Power frequency 868mhz
Power 14,4W / m Power 75W Max Dimensions (LxWxH) 120x55x17mm
Lumen 510lm / m Power 4 x 0,78A
Number of LEDs 60 / m IP IP20
Cut length 100mm ta -20° – +50°
Ra/CRI >80 Dimensions (LxWxH) 143x60x34mm
ta -20° – +50°  Lifetime 50 000 t
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5000x12x2mm
Lifetime 50 000 t (L80)


User manual LED Kit set RGBW