360° LED Worklight - Flexible tower

The portable and flexible 360° LED Worklight gives you light where you need it - when you need it.

The 360° LED Worklight is a flexible, cost-effective and portable lighting solution which provides various lighting options and which is easy to mount either on a telescopic tripod or on a magnetic bracket.
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The 360° LED Worklight system consists of:

- choose between 3 heads that give 40,000 lumens or 6 heads that give four 80,000 lumens

- a telescopic light mast up to 3 meters high

Magnetic bracket
The magnetic bracket can be mounted on a mast, container, door or similar.

Light towers and correct lighting are an important part  in any construction process. It provides safety, visibility and extended working hours on the construction site, and helps to reduce the risk of accidents and errors. It is an effective and necessary investment in any construction project that requires lighting.

With years of experience in professional lighting solutions, we have both the equipment and the expertise to deliver competitive lighting systems.

Our goal is to create safe workplaces, prevent accidents and preserve the environment with the help of smart, user-friendly products.

We welcome you to get to know our light towers .

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