Automatic Controller

Easy to install - impressive result!

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Choose fully automatic, sensor-controlled lighting of the stairs. Let the light turn on automatically when you enter the stairs and automatically go out. Save electricity while always having the light where you need it - when you need it.

1 Controller
You will need this.
The package includes: control unit, sensors, sensor cables and power supply.

2 Light sources
Choose the number of LED strips you need for your staircase. All strips can be cut every 5 cm.

3 Profiles
This is optional. Many choose to use this to protect the LED strips to get a perfect result.

4 Cabel
You will need about 50m of cable to a staircase with up to 16 steps.


  • 1 Controller
  • 6 m Sensor cables
  • 2 pcs IR-sensors
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 User manual

The control unit is designed to control the stair lighting in a staircase with up to 20 steps.

The LED lighting is controlled by motion sensors up and down the stairs and the control unit makes sure to illuminate the steps sequentially in the direction you are walking. Each point of light is dimmed when you have walked the steps and creates an impressive result.

In standby mode, you can choose whether you want to leave the light on with 20% power, or you can choose to turn it on or off completely.

When you walk the stairs, the lights are dimmed up to 100% intensity. (You can also connect a manual switch with this function).

We have developed this unit in collaboration with the manufacturer.

This product can only be installed by an authorized installation company.

Easy installation 

Detailed instructions help you step by step through the installation. The system is delivered as standard with 24V power supply. The control unit itself is delivered pre-programmed and ready to use.


The control unit can be used with power supplies of 10-24V and is compatible with most of light points, such as LED strips, LED spots, etc. With an output of 500mA per output, the controller handles up to 6W per LED light.


The controller is manufactured in Germany, and everything is carefully tested.

For your preferance

With separate adjustment options, you can decide yourself how long the lights should be turned on or how fast they should turn on and off.


The sensors are motion sensors that operate without a reflector or a reception sensor. The small, self-calibrating sensor can be installed only on one side of the stairs up or down.

Additional lighting

If you do not use all 20 channels on the controller, you can choose to use the extra ones as additional lighting. (Eg under the handrail or in the ceiling) These are permanently set to dimmed light and are gradually dimmed when the sensor is activated.

Standardized design

The control unit itself is made in DIN 43880 standard which means that it can be mounted alone on a wall, or in a standard electrical cabinet.

We also have everything else of the accessories you need to make the stairs a design feature in the house: