LED-strip for stairs

Many are unsure of what they need to illuminate the stairs with LED strips.

A step is often between 100 and 150 cm wide, so the only thing you need to think about here is measure your step and how many steps you want to illuminate.
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These LED strips are adapted to standard stair lengths so that you do not have to adjust more than necessary.

  1. 150 cm
  2. 120 cm
  3. 100 cm

The LED strip can be cut every 5 cm so that you can adjust the length so that it fits exactly your steps. These LED strips are connection ready and come with a 1 meter connection cable.
The LED strips have 120 diodes per meters, and we have reduced the wattage to 3W, so that it provides the right amount of light for your stairwell.

Driver - Do I need that?
Yes, you need that. Once you've decided on the length and number of LED strips you need, you'll also need to add a driver which corresponds to the amount of Watts. You can use this "formula" to calculate how strong a driver you need (number of LED strips x 3W + add a little extra).

What do I need if I would like automatic lighting in my stairwell?
If you would like the automatic stair lighting solution - which turns on and off automatically when you go up and down the stairs, add a LED light automatic controller.

What about profiles?
If you want to add the little extra, we recommend that you choose to install the LED strips in aluminum profiles for stairs for an even, nice light and to protect your LED strips. The aluminum profiles come in several variants, but we recommend two types for stairs:

  1. Profile 02, or
  2. Profile 06

Both profile come in 1 or 2 meter lengths, and can be cut to the desired length.