We introduce our new HighLite series of floodlights - a cost-effective outdoor lighting from 50W to 280W. 
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  1. Massive light output up to 28000 lm
  2. Up to 102,000 hours lifespan
  3. Robust encapsulation
  4. Made for harsh conditions, and also suitable for coastal areas
  5. IP67 rating
  6. Stainless steel
  7. Easy to handle, safe to use

During work, a lot of heat will be generated in the luminaire, but these floodlights are the industry's first with a hollow design, which will conduct the heat from the lights upwards to prevent overheating. The hollow design insulates the heat source and lowers the transition temperature of the LED light source.

Use in different environments
This type of floodlights are often used in factories, building sites, billboards, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, culverts, squares, stadiums, etc.