Stair lighting

An illuminated staircase can be a design piece in the house, and with the right stair lighting you can also reduce the risk of tripping over the steps when you need to go up and down in the dark.

Upgrade your staircase with LED lighting to give your home a sleek and modern look.

With LED lighting in the stairs, you will not only get increased safety and comfort in your home, but you will also reduce your electricity bill. LED lighting uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional light sources.

It is easy to install LED lighting in the stairs, and it will give a great visual expression that will impress both you and your guests. Let LED lighting illuminate your home and give you an experience of well-being every time you go up and down the stairs.

Our LED strips are easy to install, which means that you can let the creativity take over and explore various locations and concider areas of use when you install your LED lighting.

Promitto Automatisk Trapp kategori

Automatic stair lighting

This system provides fully automatic, sensor-controlled lighting of the stairs.

Let the lights turn on automatically when you enter the stairs and go out while leaving the steps.

Save your electrisity bill while always having the light where you need it - when you need it.

LED strips

Many are unsure of what they need to illuminate the stairs with LED strips. We have made it quite simple: 

  1. Select the type and number of LED strips.  
  2. Add a LED driver. 
  3. Select accessories. 

LED spots

It may also be great to use LED spots instead of LED strips. For example - You may want to install lights in the side rail of the stairs, in stead of LED strips.

We have a good and suitable selection with different designs, which is well suited if you want to mount lights in the side rail on your stairs


Aluminum profiles

The use of aluminum profiles open up the use of LED lighting in a new and exciting way.

Usage of aluminum profiles adds that little extra when installing LED lighting. Aluminum profiles can be adapted to various lighting purposes such as decorative lighting, indirect lighting, integrated design solutions and much more.

LED aluminiumsprofiler er enkle å installere og kan tilpasses ønsket lengde.

Profilene brukes for å beskytte LED strips mot fuktighet og støv samtidig som de fordeler varmen jevnt og bidrar til økt levetid på LED lysene.

The aluminum profiles are specially developed to enhance the usage of LED strips. All our profiles can be used both indoors and outdoors and have a 3-year guarantee.

We have a large selection of profiles:

  • T- , U- , og D-profiles
  • Corner profiles
  • Rounded profile
  • Floor profile

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Tips on how to install LED lighting in the stairs (how-to video in Norwegian)