LED strips

What is the difference between a 12V and a 24V LED strip?
In short, a 24V LED strip is much more energy efficient than 230V and 12V.

Low voltage LED strips are best suited indoors, because they do not flicker as 230V LED strips can do.
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LED strips come in many different types, qualities and price ranges. All our strips have 60 LEDs or more per meter to provide an even light that is nice to look at. In addition to good light output, most strips also have RA90 +, which means that the light reproduces colors better than most LED strips on the market.

We know that LEDs and its technology can be difficult for to understand, which is why we have made it easy for you! Under each category you will find more information about the different product groups.

How to choose: 

  • Select the type of LED strips and the length you need.
  • Select the type of LED driver you need.
  • If you want dimming of the lights, select dimmer and switch / remote control.